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B.A.S.H. Perseverance Award


The Baltimore Area Sports Health Initiative is seeking nominations for the B.A.S.H. Perseverance Award. This honor is for high school aged student-athletes in Maryland schools who have distinguished themselves by overcoming injury and excelling in their return to play.

Our Board of Directors is asking athletic trainers, and coaches to nominate one male and one female student-athlete from their Maryland High School. The nomination committee will review all the nominations and pick the two winners. The board will judge the nominations based on the criteria below:

Nomination Criteria 

 - Nominee must have overcome adversity or injury that affected their level of or ability to participate in High School sanctioned sports.

 - Nominee must have returned to their sport(s) and demonstrated achievement beyond expectations.

 - Nominee must consistently demonstrate good sportsmanship and appropriate personal behaviors.

 - Nominee must be in good academic standing. 

 - Nominee must be a member of an athletic team during the 2020-21 academic year.

How to Nominate 

Submit the following

 - Completed application packet

 - Up to three (3) letters of recommendation

Check back in August for application and submission instructions

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