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Baltimore Sports Health Initiative's "The Warm Up" Series Promotes Diversity in Athletic Training

Updated: Apr 21

The Baltimore Area Sports Health Initiative (BASH) has been recognized for its commitment to diversity and community enhancement through its recent partnership with Morgan State BearTV. The collaboration, made possible by the National Athletic Trainers Association Ethnic Diversity Advisory Committee's Community Enhancement grant, has resulted in the production of a video series titled "The Warm Up."

"The Warm Up" aims to spotlight minority sports health professionals, with the ultimate goal of inspiring interest among students in pursuing those careers. Episode one, titled "Athletic Trainers for the Culture" showcases athletic trainers from the Baltimore Ravens, the United States Naval Academy, and Morgan State University.

In addition to its mission, the project has provided invaluable experience to film students

involved in sports reporting. This hands-on opportunity included access to sideline press passes for the Navy vs. Notre Dame football game held inside Baltimore's M&T Bank Stadium. Executive Director Collin Francis of BASH emphasized the significance of the initiative, stating," Athletic training is about 10 percent African American; physical therapy is a bit less. We can do a lot better in exposing students to these possible career fields." This sentiment underscores the importance of promoting diversity and inclusivity within the field of athletic training.

For those interested in watching "The Warm Up" and other content, subscribe to our YouTube channel.


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