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Ball 2023

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Sports rehabilitation education emphasizes collaboration with other healthcare professionals, coaches, and trainers. This interdisciplinary approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of an athlete's needs, facilitating coordinated care and communication for more effective and efficient rehabilitation outcomes.


Pillars of Advancement 

Advocacy and Education are paramount to the successful advancement of the level of comprehensive care provided to all athletes. 


Community Support

Athlete Centered Resources

Our expert network develops athlete centered resources on varying sports medicine topics. The content circles around clinicians working together and real life athlete examples

HBCU Pipelines

BASH is working with local institutions to build a pipeline for Baltimore City Public School students to become athletic trainers. This pathway saves the students ~$28,230 in total cost of their undergraduate education.

Sport Job Showcase

A grassroots multimedia campaign to recruit diverse students into sports health fields.




In the dim glow of the venue adorned with athletic memorabilia, the atmosphere was charged with anticipation as the B.A.S.H community hosted a captivating silent auction event to raise crucial capital. The carefully curated array of items, ranging from autographed jerseys of legendary athletes to exclusive sports experiences, created a tapestry of excitement and opportunity. Amidst the hushed conversations, attendees bid with enthusiasm, each gesture resonating with a shared commitment to the advancement of sports Medicine. The silent auction served not only as a means to generate funds but also as a platform to cultivate a community of supporters dedicated to the cause. As bids escalated and the room buzzed with anticipation, it became evident that the collective passion for athlete well-being was transforming into tangible support for our advocacy initiatives. The event was a testament to the power of collaboration and demonstrated that, together, we could elevate the field of sports Medicine to new heights, ensuring athletes receive the comprehensive care they Need.

BASH Ball 2023

As professional athletes Ian Thomas and Derrel health understand the importance of access to quality healthcare. They have seen the full spectrum of sports health coming from Baltimore City and making it into the NFL and Nascar . in March of 2022, derrell and ian came together to show each other how they take care of their bodies in season. derrell gave ian a tour of the joe Gibbs racing facility and ian returned the favor with a behind the scenes tour of bank of America stadium. in the fall, ian and derrell both visited their former high schools to pseak to administrators about increasing the sports helath offerings in the city.


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